Kodukasutajale, Ärilahendused, Avalikku ruumi

  • Jahutusvõimsus 1.6 ÷ 6.37 kW
  • Küttevõimsus 3.7 ÷ 15.52 kW

The inverter modulation fain coil available in numerous configurations for every installation need: wall, ceiling, recessed, for either hanging installation or in formwork or ducted installation. A dualjet version is also available.


  • Cooling and heating
  • Floor installation
  • Wall installation
  • Ducted installation
  • Ceiling installation
  • Inverter device (Option)
  • Touch control (Option)
  • Network operation (Option)
  • Compatible with VMF system (Variable Multi Flow) (Option)
  • For two pipes plants
  • For four pipes plants

The fan coils of the FCZI series are suitable for air conditioning. These machines, with their revamped design, are available in various set-ups depending on the installation position, with the possibility of being ducted as well. They feature brushless inverter motors coupled with ABS fans with an impeller equipped with inspectionable airfoil and scroll fins. This feature gives the machine a net reduction in the noise emission level, as well as a reduction in the motor's electrical consumption compared to traditional fans with a metal structure. The unit has a coil with 3 or 4 rows and can have a secondary 1 or 2 row coil for four-pipe system configurations. T-touch thermostat, available as an accessory, equipped with NFC technology to control the fan coil with a smartphone. FCZI units are compatible with the VMF management system.